Socially Outrageous

florrie and maisie taking you through (70) days of summer

(21.07.14) well today was crazy met up with memorykingdom and had an awesome time then dyed my hair green !!

(18.07.14) so proud of my sis who graduated today x

(17.07.14) this afternoon has been amazing I’m down in leamington spa to see my sister and had the nicest meal ever at a place called turtle bay wow

(16.7.14) guildford and visiting grandma marys grave

(16.07.14) day at the beach with my lovelies mysalsa hoping-with-fragile-hope

(15.7.14) SORRY for the excessive amount of selfies but in love with all my new clothes and the gorgeous food I have consumed today in Guildford


(14.7.14) London is really beautiful!! Met up with gee and walked round camden lock and shoreditch and I can’t get over how pretty and EXPENSIVE and exciting ldn is man hexhibition

(11/12/13.07.14) T in the park

(11.07.14) today I went to morpeth with the sisters n mother!! I had such a nice meal n shopping was fun too, spent about an hour in waterstones oops but yh all lovely

(10.7.14) had a fab day because hey-florrie came round and we watched an awesome film n chilled and ate Pringles and it was fab and I’m kinda sad bcos I probably won’t see her for ages !! I also taught her how to play guitar she was a gud student